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Generating power with UV solutions

The demineralized water system is one of the very important systems in thermal power plants. With the application of ultrafiltration membrane, RO membrane and EDI device in desalination water, especially the characteristics of easy organic matter fouling and low chlorine resistance of RO membrane, microbial control and removal of residual chlorine have become the focus and difficulty in the desalted water process.

Nuvonic UV solutions can protect the desalted water processes from harmful contamination against bacteria, Chlorine and TOC without resorting to chemicals.

Power & Energy

Product Applications

  • Power generation
  • De-Chlorination
  • Process water
  • Water pathogen barrier



Our medium-pressure UV systems reduce the number of conventional lamps by up to 95% while reducing operating and maintenance costs by 50% or more in high volume water treatment processes.



Using open channel, low pressure, high output UV amalgam lamps, the OpenLine destroys microorganisms’ reproductive abilities on a cellular level. Treated effluent is free of residual chemicals and can be safely passed into the environment, without the risk of pollution.


PureLine DC PH​

Our PureLine DC PH UV systems deliver guaranteed high UV doses for effective free chlorine removal and treatment for the food and beverage industries.


PureLine D PH​

Our PureLine D PH systems are aimed specifically at providing UV treatment for product and process waters used in the food and beverage industry.


UV in Power & Energy industry

UV solutions specially designed for your market challenges.

- Hydropower
- Power plant
- Steam boiler plant

Featured Products

PureLine DC PH / De-Chlorination
UV dechlorination provides distinct advantages over traditional technologies such as Activated Carbon Filtration (ACF) or Sodium Metabisulphite dosing (SMB).
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TOCLine DT PH / Process water
Ensuring critical processes are protected by the reduction of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water is necessary for the power industry. The TOCLine helps ensure ultrapure water is delivered throughout the process.
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PureLine D PH / Water pathogen barrier
By using a UV system you will eliminate harmful micro-organisms, reduce the bio-burden, protect against bio-fouling, lead to fewer CIP/SIP cycles and lower operating costs.
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News & Insights

Revolutionizing Water Disinfection with Open Channel UV Systems​

Water treatment technology has taken a giant leap forward with the introduction of Openline’s ground-breaking open channel UV disinfection systems….

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First Company to Offer UV-Based Solutions for Water, Surface, and Air Disinfection​

Slough, UK, April 4, 2023 – Nuvonic, a global UV technology solutions provider, has announced its official launch as the…

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Foodex Manufacturing Solutions 2023 – See you on stand B89!​

With combined forces and a new brand, we are exhibiting for the first time as Nuvonic at the upcoming Foodex Manufacturing Solutions in Birmingham from 24 – 26 April.

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Air cooler hygiene with UVC​

To scientifically validate the effectiveness of UV-based air disinfection in an air cooler, the Fraunhofer Institute conducted a series of tests in cooperation with the heat exchanger manufacturer thermofin and Nuvonic.

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UVC water disinfection in humidifiers and cooling towers​

The University of Wuppertal has installed a UVC disinfection system from UVpro in its cooling tower and was able to achieve high savings.

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4th Generation Australian Winemaker Uses UV​

Brown Brothers winery chose Nuvonic’s UV disinfection to clean the water used in the wine-making process. The most secure and ecologically friendly water treatment available.

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Impact of Water Main Breaks on Hospitals and Care Facilities​

It is important to upgrade the drinking water infrastructure and invest in efficient in-house water filtration and disinfection systems to ensure public health is protected.

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Meat Preservation through Brine Chilling​

Meat makers use quality control procedures to get rid of brine in an effort to lower the risks, but frequently raises running costs, more effluent treatment, and causes production to stop.

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Understanding the Foodborne Illness that Claims Lives​

Listeriosis is a serious foodborne illness caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. The UV light enters the bacteria’s cells and damages its genetic material, making it difficult for proliferate.

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A Cost-Effective Alternative to Heat Pasteurization​

UV disinfection offers numerous benefits to the dairy industry, such as energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

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FSMA and Its Impact on the Agriculture Industry​

UV disinfection is an effective solution for reducing E. coli levels in untreated surface water, making it a practical and reliable solution for meeting FSMA requirements.

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The Hidden Cost Associated with Owning a Chlorinated pool​

UV disinfection systems are the future of pool maintenance and offer numerous benefits over traditional chlorine systems.

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