Protecting the environment of our seas

The International Maritime Organisation has identified more than 7,000 species of marine life worldwide that are transported by ships to ballast water. On average, there are 112 million plankton, 1,000 bacteria, and 10,000 viruses per 1m3 of ballast water, and there are 3,000-4,000 species of organisms carried in the global ballast water every day. If these organisms are able to grow and reproduce and establish populations in natural or semi-natural ecosystems or environments due to lack of natural enemies or other reasons, they may directly threaten the ecosystem structure and species diversity of these bays, estuaries or inland waters, and can report harmful parasites and pathogens, and even lead to the extinction of local species, so the microbial control of ballast water is urgent.

Our optimised UV solution can deliver reliable water security for the ballast water treatment system, as an effective microbial control and environment-friendly solution.


Product Applications

  • Ballast Water Treatment
  • Drinking Water Disinfection
  • Black water disinfection after activated sludge treatment and prior to discharge

Ballast Water

Our Ballast water treatment solution has been designed in partnership with Wartsila, one of the world’s largest marine services companies. Combined with filtration the Aquarius UV system is available exclusively from Wartsila.

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MarineLine PQ W AL​

MarineLine PQ W AL is a low-energy system validated to NWRI ensuring treatment can be guaranteed to meet the stringent regulatory controls applied in coastal waters.

Black Water Treatment

MarineLine PQ W IL​

The PQ IL is a compact system validated to NWRI waste water requirements, available with Super Duplex wetted parts for seawater-flushed toilet systems requiring greater corrosion resistance.

Black Water Treatment

MarineLine PQ IL​

The MarineLine PQ IL can be applied as part of the pre-treatment package to reduce the bioburden on Reverse Osmosis membranes, extending their life and reducing cleaning frequency, available with Super Duplex wetted parts for such applications.

Drinking Water

MarineLine PQ AF​

Typically applied after Reverse Osmosis or a Water Maker, the MarineLine PQ AF system delivers potable water safe for drinking. Also uses low flow, low energy range, and USEPA validated as pathogen barrier.

Drinking Water

ProLine WW IL​

The ProLine WW IL are compact medium-pressure lamp systems and are intended as a cost-effective treatment for less critical applications where there is no risk to people or the food chain. For more critical applications we recommend our reuse range.


ProLine PQ IL​

A compact medium-pressure range for use where space is tight for small to mid-sized communities. This range offers both USEPA and DVGW validations.


PureLine D AF​

Our PureLine D AF systems are aimed specifically at providing UV treatment for product and process waters used in the food and beverage industry.


UV in Marine industry

UV solutions are specially designed for your market challenges.

- Passenger ship
- Cargo ship
- Fishing vessel
- Black water
- Ballast water

Featured Products

PureLine D AF / Drinking water disinfection
PureLine D AF systems are aimed specifically at providing UV treatment for product and process waters.
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ProLine PQ IL / Ballast water treatment
Ballast water treatment solution has been designed in partnership with Wartsila, one of the world’s largest marine services companies.
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ProLine WW IL / Waste water disinfection prior to discharge to the environment
A range of compact medium-pressure products for wastewater disinfection.
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UVpro KMD / Supply air treatment in cruise ships
Air Duct Module KMD enables simple installation of UVC technology in air ducts.
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Air cooler hygiene with UVC​

To scientifically validate the effectiveness of UV-based air disinfection in an air cooler, the Fraunhofer Institute conducted a series of tests in cooperation with the heat exchanger manufacturer thermofin and Nuvonic.

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UVC water disinfection in humidifiers and cooling towers​

The University of Wuppertal has installed a UVC disinfection system from UVpro in its cooling tower and was able to achieve high savings.

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4th Generation Australian Winemaker Uses UV​

Brown Brothers winery chose Nuvonic’s UV disinfection to clean the water used in the wine-making process. The most secure and ecologically friendly water treatment available.

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Impact of Water Main Breaks on Hospitals and Care Facilities​

It is important to upgrade the drinking water infrastructure and invest in efficient in-house water filtration and disinfection systems to ensure public health is protected.

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Meat Preservation through Brine Chilling​

Meat makers use quality control procedures to get rid of brine in an effort to lower the risks, but frequently raises running costs, more effluent treatment, and causes production to stop.

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Understanding the Foodborne Illness that Claims Lives​

Listeriosis is a serious foodborne illness caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. The UV light enters the bacteria’s cells and damages its genetic material, making it difficult for proliferate.

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A Cost-Effective Alternative to Heat Pasteurization​

UV disinfection offers numerous benefits to the dairy industry, such as energy savings, cost-effectiveness, and regulatory compliance.

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FSMA and Its Impact on the Agriculture Industry​

UV disinfection is an effective solution for reducing E. coli levels in untreated surface water, making it a practical and reliable solution for meeting FSMA requirements.

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The Hidden Cost Associated with Owning a Chlorinated pool​

UV disinfection systems are the future of pool maintenance and offer numerous benefits over traditional chlorine systems.

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