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With many thousands of systems supplied and installed worldwide, we have an excellent track record of delivering quality and reliability. It’s easy to replace or upgrade most UV systems without the need for costly pipe modifications. We know that monitoring and taking care of our lamps can require additional resources. That’s why we have developed accessories that make it easy to run and maintain them.

Our spare parts include:

  • Sensors
  • Cabinet parts
  • Fan filters
  • Tools
  • Ballast
  • PCB’s
  • Lamps
  • Quartz
  • Seal and wiper kits
  • Wiper parts
  • Lead assy
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Accessories and Spares

UVpro Radiometer​

UVpro Radiometer for the measurement of UVC low pressure lamps.


UVpro UVC line​

UVC Line is a very flexible combinable and usable option for monitoring 8 UVC units with one module.


UVpro Safe​

UVpro Safe is a measuring instrument to determine potential UVC exposure at the workplace. For the safety of employees.


UVpro Lampchecker​

With the UVpro Lampchecker it is possible for the first time, to determine the tube performance in different application environments and to validate them with control measurements.


UVpro CU-1​

Current monitoring and functional control of UVpro ballasts. With AC or DC alarm output and LED alarm indication.


Professional Spare Part Package​

A tailor-made package containing Advanced + ballast, PCB’s and controller for immediate urgent repairs aimed to avoid any downtime.

Advanced Spare Part Package​

A tailor-made package containing essential + UV monitor/sensor, temperature sensor and limit switches for immediate urgent repairs aimed to avoid any downtime.

Essential Spare Part Package​

A tailor-made package containing lamps, quartz and seal kit for immediate urgent repairs aimed to avoid any downtime.


UV Connect gives you access to a UV system expert no matter where you are in the world. Using a…




Aftersales / Service Department
EMEA Region
t: +44 (0)1753 515300
e: service@nuvonicuv.com


Aftersales / Service Department
Americas Region
t: +1 980 256 5700
e: service@aquionics.com


Aftersales / Service Department
APAC Region
t: +86 21 61679599
e: apac@nuvonicuv.com

Air & Surface

Aftersales / Service Department
Air & Surface products
t: +49 (0) 2268 90 830-0
e: info@uvpro.de


Infectious doses of foodborne illness​

It may be important to think about the infectious dose of each organism which is essentially the number of pathogens that are required to infect a host. See the article linked below which provides more information on this, including the infectious dose for various organisms.

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UV transmittance and sucrose solutions​

You have a clean, clear, “water white” 67 Brix sucrose solution with an ICUMSA value of 45 that you want to disinfect with UV. See the attached study which shows how moisture, temperature, and time affect the absorbance of sucrose solutions.


Microbial load in your incoming water ​

How prevalent are organisms like Legionella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterium (NTM) in your incoming water? See some data below from a study done by Weas Engineering.


Common target organisms for UV disinfection​

See the attached presentation from Emilia Rico at BCN Labs for more information about these (and other) spoilage organisms that are found in similar environments.


UV can inactivate Alicyclobacillus​

High doses of UV can inactivate Alicyclobacillus (87mJ/cm2 for a 1 log reduction). See the attached study from ASR Group in the International Sugar Journal. 



Become a Service Engineer for our UV equipment. Our modular courses give you the theory behind UV technology and hands-on experience of operating and maintaining equipment safely. Learn about specific UV systems, including commissioning, routine operation, fault-finding and full servicing cycles.

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We know that the decision to implement a UV system isn’t necessarily straightforward. Read our most frequently asked questions.

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